Wednesday, Nov. 2nd - Only off-line session (No zoom)

Time Program
13:00 Registration
16:20~17:40 Workshop of ISEE2022
(Poster presentation file will be released online website.)
19:00~21:00 ★ Gala Dinner(Samjung Hotel)

Thursday, Nov. 3rd - Hybrid(Off-line & Online)

Time Program
09:00 ~ Registration
10:00 ~ 10:30 Opening Ceremony
[Opening Remarks] Jae Young Kim, Korea Society of Waste Management, Korea
(Online) [Congratulatory Remarks 1] Hwa-jin Han (Minister, Ministry of Environment)
(Online) [Congratulatory Remarks 2] Hackyoung Lee(Member of National Assembly)
10:45 ~ 12:15 Keynote Speeches
10:45 ~ 11:15 (in person) [Keynote Speech 1]
Game Changing Developments in E-waste Recycling in the Age of Electric Vehicles
Kang In Rhee, President, Young Poong Co., Ltd., Korea
11:15 ~11:45 (In person)[Keynote Speech 2]
The Basel Convention: Addressing WEEE Movements around the World
Carlos Martin-Novella, Deputy Executive Secretary, Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention, Switzerland
11:45 ~ 12:15 (In person)[Keynote Speech 3]
E-Waste: A Hazardous Treasure
Evangelos Gidarakos, President, International Waste Working Group(IWWG), Greece
12:15~13:30 Lunch
Venue Auditorium 2 Auditorium 5 Auditorium 6 Conference room 2 Conference room 3 Auditorium 7
13:30 ~ 15:10 ('100) Basel Forum I A1. WEEE Management B1. Recycling Technology C. Industrial Waste D. Waste to Energy Special Session 1
Co-organizers *Korea Basel Forum *National Institute of Environmental Research *E-Cycle Governance       Seoul Metropolitan Government
15:10 ~ 15:30 Coffee Break
15:30 ~ 17:10 ('100) Basel Forum II A2. WEEE/ELV Management Special Session 2 B2. Recycling Technology E. Assessment Tool Special Session 3 Seoul's Waste to Energy for Circular Economy
Co-organizers *Korea Basel Forum *National Institute of Environmental Research   *Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology *Korea Environment Corporation
17:10 ~ 17:30 Coffee Break
17:30 ~ 18:30 Poster Presentation
  PA. WEEE & ELV Management Policy & Recycling PB. Plastic Waste and Circular City PC. Biowaste and Biological Treatment PD. Thermal Treatment and Disposal

Friday, Nov. 4rd - Hybrid(Off-line & Online)

Time Program
09:00 ~ Registration
09:30 ~ 11:00 Keynote Speeches
09:30~10:00 (In person)[Keynote Speech 4]
Circular Economy of Electrified and Lightweighted Vehicles: Economic and Environmental Benefits /
Hyung Chul Kim, Research Scientist, Ford Motor Company, USA
10:00~10:30 (In person)[Keynote Speech 5]
New Recycling Processes of E-wastes using AI and IoT Technologies /
Seung-Whee Rhee, President, Korea Basel Forum, Korea
10:30~11:00 (Online)[Keynote Speech 6]
Zero Waste Initiative from Concept to Practice
Jinhui Li, Professor, Tsinghua University, China
11:00~11:30 (Online)[Keynote Speech 7]
Tackling the E-Waste Challenge /
Pascal Leroy, Secretary General, WEEE Forum, Belgium
11:30 ~ 12:30 Closing Ceremony
14:00 ~17:00 Technical Tour(Seoul Upcycling Plaza)
- This program is subjected to be changed.

Seoul Upcycling Plaza (SUP)

- 영상 출처: 서울새활용플라자(서울디자인재단)

The Seoul Upcycling Plaza, since its opening on September 5, 2017, is the world’s largest upcycling cultural complex space, where visitors can observe, learn, and experience everything regarding upcycling. Based on “Resource-Recycling Seoul Vision 2030”, the plaza aims to raise environmental, social, and economic awareness of upcycling and to establish an environment for upcycling-based industries.

Seoul Upcycling Plaza is a futuristic, high-value industry cultivating the upcycling industry, as well as taking a citizen-friendly approach, raising awareness on upcycling in entertaining ways through experiential education and exhibitions. The plaza shall operate as a hub to expand the culture of upcycling, offering a bright future as one of Seoul’s unique and entertaining tourist attraction.