` ISEE2022



The 2nd International Symposium Electronic Waste and End-of-Life Vehicles (2nd ISEE) will take place from 2 to 4 November 2022 in Seoul, Korea in a hybrid platform. The 1st ISEE was successfully held from 19 to 22 May 2019 in Jeju Island, Korea, with approximately 300 people attended and 180 papers presented in both oral and poster sessions.

The ISEE has become a platform stage in the field of electronic waste and end-of-life vehicles management to address the importance of resources recovery from waste, to discuss scientific solutions for hazardous waste treatment, and to inform new waste management approaches to the world. The aim of the ISEE will be to promote academic exchange in the field of the implementation of E-waste and end-of-life vehicles and the environmentally sound management of hazardous and other wastes in the world. Thus, the ISEE will share the knowledge and experiences among international experts to promote mutual understanding in these areas.

It is our great honor and pleasure to host the 2nd ISEE organized by Korea Society of Waste Management (KSWM) in Korea. KSWM would like to invite all of you in Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, and Africa to explore and strengthen the networks among experts and researchers in E-waste managements, the recycling of end of life vehicles as well as the world's concerns on the waste management.

We hope to meet you in Seoul, the capital city of the Land of Morning Calm.

  • Jae Young KIM, Ph.D
  • Symposium Chair, KSWM
  • Professor, Seoul National University
  • Yong-Chul Jang, Ph.D
  • Organizing International Symposium Chair, ISEE
  • Professor, Chungnam National University